Pathways highlight

An intensive six-week course that equips you with all the knowledge to be a successful recruiter. Started this January for the second time, the Crowd Pathway is our bespoke training programme for total newcomers to recruitment (those with relevant experience follow different specialist/expert/leader pathways). We’ve created a programme that’s partly classroom based as well as providing you with on desk ‘real life’ training.


We’re here to introduce the Crowd Pathway! Our new training programme to get new starters into recruitment. Typically, there will be 6/7 people in every cohort, and everyone goes through the same process, no matter whether you have prior recruitment experience or not. We want pathways to be centred about them, their personality, personal goals, and their unique set of skills.

How long does the programme last?

It’s an intensive six-week course that equips the team with all the knowledge to be a successful recruiter. This is followed by another six weeks during which you’ll still receive customised training and support. The big difference now is that you’ll be on desks working as a trainee consultant within your industry specialism. 

What does it involve?

The Crowd Pathway has been specifically designed for everyone’s needs. We want to make the course and learning experience as interactive and effective as possible. So, we’ve created a programme that’s partly classroom based as well as providing on desk ‘real life’ training. This could be teams or individually, split across different desks.  

Who delivers the training?

Aisling Burke, our Head of Development, and a former recruiter herself, is the programme coordinator. ‘Ash’ is the go-to person during those first 12 weeks and will support with any further training requirements. She will be assisted by our managers. Training will also be provided by external suppliers, such as the lovely people at LinkedIn and Paiger. 

Getting a chance to speak to our new pathwayers really helped gain insight on how their first week went. And We wanted to know WHY?


WHY they love The Talent Crowd? And Recruitment?


The team of pathwayers highlighted the ways The Talent Crowd have stood out to them 

  • Gemma – I love the passion in here! Everyone is passionate about their jobs, and you can tell. There is a huge sense of pride when I can celebrate all my small accomplishments. And I love recruitment as it is a way to be both analytical and creative and get the chance to talk to people often 
  • Eugene - I chose to get into recruitment with one of my friends Liam, we both previously worked together, and it was something we both wanted to do. I got working in pathways first and then recommended Liam to apply too. I love Working here as I know that I am being fully trained and supported. No question is a stupid question. 
  • Liam – As Eugene recommended The Talent Crowd to me and told me how great they had been I chose to apply too. I am so independent and that’s why I like working in recruitment. All the team have shown real care too all us pathwayers. 


WHAT is your day-to-day like?

  • Zeedee – Right now our training is split between practical and theory which is a great balance! We’re learning on the job which is helping so much. We’ve been meeting the teams and getting greeted with everyone whilst listening in over some client and candidate calls. This past week we’ve been working in smaller teams to do some roleplay for potential leads.
  • Lola - Everyday has been different! Most days we’ve been split learning new things. Being involved in different group activities with little incentives which motivate us and let us get involved.


After the team have graduated, they’ll continue to learn and grow as a person and recruiter and embark on their recruitment career! 

A few last words 

As you may have read in our ‘Work for Us’  section, we’re an incredibly supportive group of people who want you to succeed. We encourage everyone to ask questions, we celebrate success together and motivate ourselves (when we’re up and when we’re not down). 

We don’t all look or talk the same. We welcome people of all nationalities, ages, gender, and ethnicities. We embrace people from different backgrounds, it’s what gives us an edge. As long as you bring the right attitude, you’ll have every chance to succeed. 

We’re biased but we’re proud of what we’re trying to achieve. We do things differently, but we do them bloody well. We put our heart and soul into everything. The best is yet to come. We hope you’ll be a part of our journey at The Talent Crowd. 

How are we doing so far?

If you’re interested in getting into recruitment in Manchester and would like to find out more about our Crowd Pathway, please get in touch. Your new career could be just a phone call away! 

*Just dial 0161 676 4879