Role Model Relay

The Talent Crowd have been working with an incredible charity called Girls Out Loud. Girls Out Loud are dedicated to bringing a voice for young girls. Their programs are all about embedding confidence, emotional resilience, self-esteem, and self-assurance.

Debbie (Managing Director) and Janine (Operations Director) have just recently attended an event for Girls Out Loud – Role Model Relay Event.

This event was a faced past, high energy, high impact, impact workshop for 120 year 8 girls at Manchester Communication Academy. The objective was to give the girls access to some female volunteer role models. Each one a strong advocate and an inspiration. From Barristers to broadcasters, Teachers to Train drivers; Lawyers to law makers and beyond. The girls got to listen to each of the success stories and get to know the volunteers in a supportive format.

The Event was split into two parts,

Part One – an all-female panel which consisted of 4/5 successful, positive role models which each told their stories in five (ish..) compact and compelling minutes. They explained what drives them, what hurdles they have encountered, and provided top tips on how to succeed and enjoy life – both at work and home. The girls then had the chance to quiz the panel in a Q&A session. 

Part Two – this is where our team members who attended come in as a Role Model – there was 6/7 girls sitting at each table the Role Models got the chance to talk to them about what they do, how they got to where they are and answer questions from the girls. The volunteers also asked them about what they are doing, their plans and encourage BIG thinking about breadth of opportunities and choices. After those 5 minutes, the Role Models moved to another table – this was repeated 5 times until they have met and inspired as many girls as possible! 

This was the chosen charity of choice this year as at The Talent Crowd because the team really resonated with the programmes, workshops, and mentorships they provide. Over the next coming months, we are going to spend our time immersing ourselves within the charity world.