Sam Nixon

Introducing… Sam Nixon

Sam is the head of our business support team! A specialist Recruiter with over 28 years’ recruitment experience within the Manchester market for business support.

Started out as a part time temp recruiter in the 90s when on a break from holiday repping, Sam ‘fell in love with recruitment’ and knew it was the path for her. Since then, Sam has developed long term relationships with both clients and candidates and her ability to source for any Client type is supported by these contacts with the ability to reach a far and broad range of Candidates with excellent technical software skills.

Many of Sam’s candidates are generated through referral, working with her on an exclusive basis and some candidates are not even openly on the market but still seeking opportunities.

Recruitment is, first and foremost, a people business. It’s about meeting and networking with as many qualified people as possible to make connections that may one day lead to a great hire.’

Her journey with the Talent Crowd began in March 2021 and Sam describes her role as ‘head of all business support knowledge’, Sam’s team work over a variety of different business sectors and having experience within all of those, Sam is there to help and guide them!